Thesis Abstract

This body of work explores my cultural identity & displacement in the midst of a global pandemic, the experiences, good or bad, that come along with it. It is a body of work that is anchored by traditions and culture in a modern global world. Through this body of work, I aim to look for alternatives to traditional design tools, create experimental and interactive work, and try to design through those constraints. It strives to express and explore, express to document the nuances of experiences attached to my being and evolution, exploration for finding the right way to communicate it to make it more perceivable at large. Authenticity and accessibility go hand in hand; we tend to be our most creative selves with the things we take for granted. Design shouldn’t be put on a scary and unapproachable pedestal. Encouraging interaction and engagement open up a bigger cultural conversation and maybe even builds a platform for dialogue about self-awareness and societal consciousness.